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Sidney A. Murray, Jr.

Hydroelectric Museum 

Located inside the Vidalia Conference and Convention Center

Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 

To set up a tour call 318-336-9934

The Museum features large interactive models, a screening room with an informative video and information about the the largest prefabricated power plant in the world.

Learn how the dream of the Hydro-plant came to fruition,was transported to its current location, and how it operates today. 

"In 1990, construction of the largest prefabricated power plant in the world, the Sidney A. Murray, Jr., Hydroelectric Station, was completed 40 miles south of Vidalia, Louisiana. It was the vision of Vidalia Mayor Sidney A. Murray, Jr.,to harness the power of the Mississippi River and stabilize energy rates for the citizens of his town." 

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